Soul Mates From Another Mother

Have you ever met a man who you thought was your prince charming only to find out you are soul mates from a different mother?

I have grown to appreciate this guy and we compliment each other so well. Actually, I think we are simply the same person just in the body of the opposite sex.

The problem? The guy is insecure and has mommy issues. I only found this out after things got a bit serious (there was some sexuality involved over Skype though we did not go all the way.)

Now I’m retracting my steps and I realize that I actually care about this person but I can only appreciate them as a friend. In the long-run, it would not work out because their dreams and mines are not aligned.

The guy claims I have hurt them and I feel so bad about this. I just wanted to pull away so I wouldn’t hurt them anymore.

They suffer from abandonment issues and people are always walking away from them. This often leaves them feeling like they are not good enough.

I just don’t know what’s the best approach. Things are no longer the same and the friendship is not the same either.

Update: when I tried to break things off with him, he took it personally and deleted me.
Then he added me again. I didn’t respond for awhile. He messaged a few times.

Eventually I got lonely and responded to his request. Then he sent another friend request from a second Facebook account. And messaged me. I responded only because I felt since I was already Facebook friends with him on the first account I might as well. We don’t communicate at all anymore. Now that I’m thinking about it, I realize that this guy is emotionally unstable.

Any advice? So what do you think. Delete or don’t delete??.

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