Female Friendships and Friendzoning

Have you ever been friendzoned by a female? What was the situation like? How did you handle it? Were you guys friends before that? If so, how did it affect your friendship from that point forward?

I’ll start by saying that although I’ve had a few females who pursued me or were interested in me in the past, I’ve never actively pursued any females.

I recently met this girl and personality wise, we connected really well. We are very flirty with each other in our conversations. I felt a connection and thought she might be interested too, so I decided to casually throw in a few innuendos in our text messages to see how she would respond. But by her response I knew she wasn’t. It wasn’t awkward or anything but for me I felt I had shut off emotionally and wasn’t as comfortable being so flirty in our conversations anymore. We still talk and hangout sometimes.

Yesterday she had to make a few errands, so I offered to drive her since she didn’t have a car. I had fun. We went window shopping and she also paid for food afterwards. I don’t think anything has changed on her end. She also said I can come over and she can do my nails whenever.

For her I think she is just naturally flirty with everyone. But for me, When I really like someone or am naturally drawn to them personality wise or attraction wise, I tend to be very goofy, playful, and/or flirty.

Should I just squash the whole emotion thing and stick with just being friends? Or should I cut the cord, distance the friendship and move on?.

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