He’s Gone

So ever since master has left, my journey has taken a different turn. I have gone from very a open sexual girl who is willing to explore any and everything, to being on shut down mode. The word celibacy has now become of interest to me.

I suppose it might be due to the fact that I felt protected under the care of master. But now that he is no longer here to direct my every move, I feel less willing to take those risks that I took before. Master would give me permission as to which activities I was allowed to partake or not partake in. I guess you could say he protected me from myself.

Though I’m not sure how committed I am to  celibacy nor do I know how long I will remain so, I am definitely exploring that idea at the moment.

I will continue to share as I learn more.

As Lynn from Girlfriends show puts it. “I’m celibate because I don’t want to keep just giving that part of myself to anyone. I want to save that special part of myself for a soulmate.”

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