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Beneath Your Beautiful

This is a victory song for me. It says a lot. It’s time to let the world see what lies beneath the mask. That is where your strength lies. You have to learn to build bridges with those stones that are thrown at you and not walls. They were meant to hurt you, but you have to decide to turn these hurts and pains and misfortunes into something beautiful. It’s time to take those covers off and let the world see the beauty that lies within.


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Finding Submissive Friends


There are times when a submissive will be required to change roles. Some assignments require that one makes the decisions. When it comes to taking the initiative. It is important to remain calm and collected. Just as in business or any sales company/ in order to make a sale, one must apply certain sale tactics. This is the same tactic/mindset that applies to making friends. This will guarantee succcess.

Just as with dating and eenteringinto any relationship, friendships require patience and effort from both sides. It is important to balance out one’s time first to make sure that personal affairs are in order in order for friendships to flourish.

Take care of you and meet your own needs first. Then prioritize and always ensure that you set boundaries whenever it seems like the friendship might be imposing on your time. When friends are preoccupied, it is important to have something to keep yourself busy. Do develop a life outside of your friendships. This will enrichen these friendships so that we you guys do reconnect again, things will be fresh and you will have a lot more to talk about.

Submissives like being listened to, so make sure you are attentive to what they are saying. Show concern and understanding for what they feel.

One of the barriers that usually comes as an obstacle Is being selfish.  As submissives we are usually on the receiving end of dominant types we are the ones who are being cared for and so when we meet other submissives it can be difficult to take initiative and step up.

Attimes a submissive has to assume the dominant role in friendships with other submissives otherwise nothing will ever get done. That is the role I have presumed. It is difficult as a submissive but very doable.  I have learned alot from master and try to incorporate what I have learned in a similar manner.

While friend shopping it’s important to never lose your cool. Not over anyone or any situation. It is not worth it. And at the end of the day if things don’t go as expected, then you just wasted your time on something that wasn’t even worth that much of your emotional energy.

I don’t want to rely on others to find fulfilment in life. I am the one who is responsible for my happiness; no one else can do that for me. This is helpful in developing meaningful friendships between (submissives) because (in order to ensure that the foundations of the friendship is not based on relying on another person to fulfil those (internal) cravings that we feel.

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Submission is an Option

A dominant submissive relationship is based on a healthy and consentual agreement to enter into such a situation. Both individuals must be at their best in order for this D/s relationship to be all that it can be for both parties .

(Anyone who tells you that submission is mandatory is lying to you. Submission has conditions under which it must operate.) Before choosing a dominant. One must know the ins and outs if the Dominant. One must seek out traits in a dominant which suggest that the dominant will be protective and just in his or her decision-making. Before signing over one’s rights,  it is important to know who you are signing those rights over to. It’s like signing your life over. You don’t want to jump in only to later discover that this person was a crook.

Submission should be given as a gift to the one who has proven themselves worthy to be intrusted with yourself/life. This person will take control over you in many ways and they will affect many of your decisions and interactions. As such, it is important to choose this person wisely.

Submission is not a weakness, it is a strength. The gift of submission is given out of love and trust for a person- enough to devote one’s life to them. In my experience, I have found that this type of bond is so strong that once you have given yourself to a dominant, it will be difficult to ever go back to life without a dominant. In fact, you will most likely find that this will be the ultimate gift to a trusted significant other. you won’t be able to give of yourself to another like you can when submitting to a dominant.

How do you develop a more assertive image that will attract the right type of dominant into your life?

While many often search for someone who will complete that missing part of their life, it is important to be complete in your own skin first before seeking out a dominant. This will only strengthen the bond and quality of the dominant submissive relationship.

I’m sure you’ve been in a type of relationship with someone who was not secured in their own abilities and who were not comfortable in their own skin. It makes it difficult to be in a relationship or to even share with that individual because they are constantly looking to you., and seeking for their validation. This type of relationship would be unhealthy.

A dominant submissive relationship is based on a healthy and consentual agreement to enter into such a situation. Both individuals must be at their best in order for this D/s relationship to be all that it can be for both parties.


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