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Being a Good Submissive

What does being a good submissive entail? It means surrendering to the will of the master, and allowing the master’s wishes to take precedence over yours. A good submissive realizes that the dominant master has his/her best interest at heart and will only help and not hurt the submissive. With this knowledge in mind, a submissive can feel free to be his/herself and submit without fear of being taken advantage of.

Being a good submissive also means taking time out to learn what pleases the master and striving to fulfill those things. Sometimes a submissive should not wait for his/her master to come up with tasks or assignments–the sub can also take the initiative at times. The master will find this delightfully thrilling and will be further encouraged to provide the  domination that the sub seeks. Sometimes the submissive will find it hard to submit, especially  at the early stages of a dominant submissive relationship.

Another important part of being a good submissive is knowing when to submit and when to be able to stand on your own two feet. It is imperative that a good slave has a hint of an independent streak and knows how to handle his/her own business. In that way, the submission will not stem from insecurities, but will be given out of love and devotion-a gift.

Every chance away from the master is an opportunity to develop oneself and to evolve- it is the time to be productive and to achieve personal goals that one has set for oneself. This time is not meant to be wasted, slumbering, or waiting on the master’s approval or next beckoning or assignment. This is why it is important for a submissive to be independent of the master when it is required t0 be so. This way, when both the master and submissive reunite, it will be a reawakening of connection that they left off.


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